Kids BJJ Halloween Party

Kristen Sanhueza

This Party Was Scary Good!

On Sunday October 29th, Coach Patrick and BJJ super mom Keota, pulled off a rather ambitious costume party. The party was a huge success, all kids and parents were thoroughly entertained and well fed. The event hosted almost 100 people, with food, games, music and some major prizes for those who took their costumes seriously! It wasn’t only about a good time though, the event helped to raise money for the competition team. A big thank-you goes out to everyone who helped: Keota Carmosini, for masterminding this whole concept, Jon Milan and Origin USA, the … Read the rest

Fight Night At The Hershey Centre

Kristen Sanhueza

Hershey Centre

Kombat Arts would like to congratulate Jay and Helmand for putting on a great show at the Hershey Centre on October 21st. Both fighters won with unanimous decisions. They demonstrated a command for the ring that made their coaches proud, and added stack to their careers. We would also like to mention Coach Sebastian, Glen Erjas, and Leon Felix for their work throughout and in the corners the night of. Everything came together for a flawless performance. Thank-you to all the Kombat fans who came out to watch in person and show your support.

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Muay Thai at Kombat Arts

Kristen Sanhueza


Congratulations to the Muay Thai athletes for putting their skills to the test in the ring. On October 28th fighters Tyler and Andre travel with the Kombat team to Kitchener for a Muay Thai Show. Tyler won his fight by referee stoppage in the second round, and Andre won in a split decision. Both athletes made us proud by stepping up, and then taking the wins. Special thanks to Kru Dave, Brandon and Rich for working the corners and Sebastian for medical support.

This past weekend, Vanessa deBalen competed in  the US Muay Thai Open. She got a bye … Read the rest

Kombat Arts Hosts BTOOC VIII

Kristen Sanhueza

Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer- Stick Fighting Fundraiser

The eighth annual BTOOC was held Kombat this November 4th. The event aims to bring together people in the stick fighting community to raise funds for the fight against cancer. The charity itself takes centre stage, but of course we try to put on a good show! It’s an inclusive event, with beginner and advanced students, where each fighter can choose the intensity. Thank-you to everyone who showed up to participate support and watch the event, it was a huge success.


What is Stick Fighting?

As far as Kombat is … Read the rest

Happy Birthday Socretes Celestial

Kristen Sanhueza

Happy Birthday Coach Soc!

We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Coach Socretes Celestial today. Whether working with his first love, boxing, or inspiring students in his conditioning workouts, Coach Soc is an essential part of the Kombat Arts Team. He is always working on his craft, and it shows in the work he does here, and as the Provincial Boxing Head Coach. Always ready with advice, and a guest or two, we are lucky to have, so have a Great Day today Coach Soc, you deserve it!… Read the rest


Kristen Sanhueza


From Left to Right: Tuhon Philip, Martin, Justin, Dave, and Tuhon Tylor.

Congratulations Martin, Justin, and Dave!

Last weekend, three of our instructors here at Kombat were honoured with a new ranking in the Pekiti-Tirsia system of Filipino Martial Arts. Martin, Justin, and Dave were given the rating of Lakan Guru at a Seminar this weekend.

The Seminar was one in a series of regularly scheduled workshops that has been organized by our Kombat instructors. The idea of the workshops is to train with Tuhon Philip Gelinas, of GAMMA
Montreal. Philip is the Most senior North American instructor in … Read the rest