Martial Arts vs Concealed Carry: Learning Muay Thai for Self-Defense

to do so ever arise. However, what is the best way to approach self-defense? Is it to obtain a license to carry a firearm and wear it at all times or is it to become proficient in a martial art such as Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? In this first of a three-part blog series, we explore Muay Thai for self-defense and compare its pros and cons against concealed carry and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Crippling Strikes

Muay Thai is a brutally effective striking martial art, teaching techniques that, when done right, can make quick work of an assailant. The elbow strikes … Read the rest

How To Increase Your Speed For Martial Arts


Speed is a necessary ingredient to any fighter’s arsenal. If you want to develop your speed for martial arts, there are many approaches to take.

Although speed and power are essentials for any fighter to be good, they are meaningless without the technical foundation to back them up. Whether we’re talking about JKD, boxing, Muay Thai, is irrelevant for now.

The best method to develop speed is to take a scientific approach to testing, experimentation and training and re-testing.

A Definition Of Speed

The Oxford English Dictionary defines speed as ‘a fast rate of movement or action’.

That’s a pretty … Read the rest

How To Avoid Over-training or Under-training


If you workout with any seriousness, you know that the measuring the tension between over-training and under-training is a perpetual balancing act.

If you’re an athlete or a serious exerciser, you may find yourself asking ‘Am I working out too much or too little?’

Whether your thing is weight-training, Muay Thai, boxing, BJJ, or a mix of sports you may seek to gain the most out of training and improve at a constant rate. That would be ideal.

However, if you’re over-training or under-training, you are likely not performing at your optimum level or maybe even moving … Read the rest

How To Harness The Power Of The Deep Squat

deep squat

The deep or ATG (ass-to-grass) squat is a familiar training tool to weightlifters, CrossFitters and martial artists alike. By learning how to do this exercise properly, you can increase your power and explosiveness.

There is some concern among recreational fitness enthusiasts and even personal trainers that this variation of the squat is dangerous and can be detrimental.

Although there is some evidence to support either side of the debate, in my opinion, this is a case of it being dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken – namely education and practice.

What Is A Deep Squat?

A deep squat … Read the rest

How To Build A Stronger Mind


In today’s instant, on-demand society, we want and indeed expect everything immediately.

Look around and you will see people who are often distracted and very often deluded. You may even be one of them.

On the surface, this instant access to information is viewed as a convenience and a necessary cost of operating in today’s world. On a deeper level, it serves as a distraction from our core values and in a sense weakens us by putting up barriers blocking us from the truest, strongest version of ourselves.

Building a stronger mind is the key to mental toughness and resilience … Read the rest

How To Know If You Can Defend Yourself


How do you know if you can defend yourself in a real-world, street fight or mugging scenario?

There are really too many variables in a fight that would make it unpredictable. Of course, you can take several steps to ensure you are prepared to defend yourself. But, when you actually fight, the scenario may be completely different.

There could be weapons involved. There may be multiple attackers. You will likely not get to choose where the fight takes place.

Instead, here are a few key points to maybe help build up your skills to the point where you have confidence … Read the rest