Mini Dragons (Kids)

Moksh Khurana

Our Mini Dragons class is very popular with both the parents and the kids for the following reasons:

  • Teach our kids to better socialize with each other and foster skills that will be important for the community in the future. How do we do that? We make sure that the children always interact with each other during group activities and discussions.
  • Our program helps with character development. How do we do that? We use a 16 week Word of the Week Character Development Program. We choose a word (honesty, dedication etc.) and spend about a few minutes at the end of each class discussing this word and what it means during group discussions.
  • We get the parents involved. How do we do this? When a child is ready to test for their ranking in the Mini Dragon Program, we discuss this with the parent. We ask the parent if the child has been doing their homework and helping with any house work. If the child has been doing all of these things to the satisfaction of the parent, we will happily test the child for their martial art ranking.
  • Our program develops the child’s physical fitness. How do we do this? Not only do we teach martial art techniques that are useful for confidence, self defense and anti-bullying, we use a lot of age appropriate games to develop the physical tools needed for martial arts. In this way the child is “working out,” but having fun at the same time.

The Mini Dragons Program is the most complete program when it comes improving your child’s fitness, confidence, self defense, anti-bullying skills, discipline and focus in a safe, positive clean environment.

Our school proudly uses the Core Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts Training Program.

Note: Ages 6 and up

Our Dedicated Students

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