4 Reasons Muay Thai Is the Best Weight-Loss Martial Art

4 Reasons Muay Thai Is the Best Weight-Loss Martial Art

4 Reasons Muay Thai Is the Best Weight-Loss Martial Art

It’s the new year, and the number one new years resolution is to lose weight. Many people will pick up a new hobby to get in shape, such as hiking, Zumba, or martial arts. One of the best activities you can do to burn fat is the ancient fighting art of Thai boxing, or Muay Thai. Picture it as kickboxing times ten. Ten times the intensity, ten times the sweat and ten times the calorie burning. Not only will it teach you to defend yourself, but these four important reasons make it one of the best weight-loss activities on the planet:


This one is obvious. Cardiovascular activity burns calories. Getting your heart rate up, and keeping it up throughout your workout, works out your heart and gets that fat burning. There aren’t many martial arts that can compare with the cardio workout you get from Muay Thai. The constant motion, round after round of punching, kicking, and conditioning drills that come with every Muay Thai workout are sure to burn fat and elevate your heart rate.

Strength Training

Muscles burn fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you are burning throughout the day, even while you are sitting at work. You can lose up to ½ lb of muscle mass every year, so it’s important to keep up with weight lifting and/or resistance training repetitions. In Muay Thai, every time you strike, whether it is an elbow, punch, knee or kick, you are tensing your muscles to their maximum at the final moment of impact. After a few rounds, you will feel the fatigue. This is because the tensing of the muscles for strength is just like the effect of lifting weights or using resistance bands. In one Muay Thai class you could do hundreds of repetitions of punches and kicks, resulting in a full strength training workout.

Interval training

Have you ever noticed on a treadmill or stair stepping machine, the “fat burn” workout setting is set at intervals? A few minutes of intense workout, then a few minutes of lesser intensity, a few minutes of running a hill, and back and forth throughout the duration of the workout. This is because your heart is forced to adjust to different conditions very quickly, and operate outside of the normal routine. Making your heart work this way will boost your metabolism, and increase your body’s calorie burning long after you’ve ended your workout. A Muay Thai workout is incredibly dynamic, from upper body strikes to kicking, ab exercises, jumping rope, and many other conditioning drills. Many workouts are done completely in rounds, with a duration of 3 minutes per round and a rest in between, which makes for a perfect fat burning interval training workout.

Whole body training

Nothing works out your entire body like preparing to get into a fight. Your arms, thighs, calves, abs, back, shoulders, everything, must be in great shape and prepared for battle. Muay Thai works out your entire body in preparation for facing an opponent in the ring, whether you plan to or not. Using every muscle throughout the workout; your back and shoulders supporting every punch, using balance muscles while kicking on one leg, and not to mention engaging your core with every strike as well as defensive movement, will develop muscle, strengthening and toning your body in every spot.

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